Auxiliary winch

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The hydraulic auxiliary cable winch was developed for mounting on larger forest cable winches. The function is to pull the heavy winch rope uphill to the tree trunks. You can easily pull the heavy rope up to 170 meters uphill on the hillside of a steep slope, just by using the light auxiliary rope first instead of carrying the heavy rope yourself.


  • Easy mounting with a quick change bracket
  • Portable due to low weight
  • Use with trunk adapter
  • Adjustable winch tower
  • Easy connection to double-use control unit
  • Can be combined with radio

In practice...

  1. The end of the auxiliary rope is attached to the winch rope including chains.
  2. Attach the aluminum pulley and take the auxiliary rope twice
  3. Attach the pulley to the tree with a noose and pull up the rope.
HAFO Hilfswind ein der Praxis

Our auxiliary winch is versatile:


Our product video for the auxiliary winch

by Wolfgang Haselsteiner

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Technical specifications

Hilfswinde Pro
Operating pressure 180 bar 180 bar
Max. Working pressure 200 bar 200 bar
required oil quantity: min. 20l / min, max. 60l / min min. 20l / min, max. 60l / min
maximum traction: 600 kg 500 kg
average rope speed: up to 3 m/s at 60 l / min up to 3 m/s at 60 l / min
Weight without rope: 39 kg 33 kg
Rope capacity maximum 350 m Kunststoffseil 4,3 mm 250 m Kunststoffseil 4,3 mm

The auxiliary winch is always supplied with power by the carrier vehicle.

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In addition to the winch, you need a console, a plastic cable, a hydraulic block and hydraulic hoses, a pulley and (optionally) a switch box for the perfect operation of the auxiliary winch.

Frequently asked questions

Can the auxiliary winch be installed on any large winch? Do I need my own radio? We have answered these and other common questions for you in our FAQ.


Would you like to see the auxiliary winch in action? No problem, we filmed different use cases for you. Experience our products in action.