FAQ - auxiliary winch

Yes it can. The manufacturer and age of the winch is not important.

We try to integrate our winch system into your existing one. The deadman´s functions are intended for this if they are not assigned or are assigned using a toggle switch that goes back to neutral.

Generally speaking, you need: WINCH + console + rope + pulley set + hydraulic block + hydraulic hose.

Yes, this is sufficient in regular operation and we have been continuously testing it in practice since 2014.

Yes, absolutely. Because this is exactly where you can experience every day the enormous work facilitation that the winch bring. We now also equip harvesters, skidder and the like with our winches.

Prinzipiell nicht aber diese Winde wurde ausschließlich für die Verwendung als Hilfswinde zum Seilziehen gebaut -> möchtest du eine kleine Winde für Schwachholz oder Erstdruchfostung dann sieh dir bitte unsere SAPI Winde an.

Yes of course. Our winch was built to work quickly, efficiently and above all to preserve your body.

In theory yes, but in practice it has been shown that a plastic rope (original HAFO) makes operation much easier and therefore easier.

NO. We strongly advise against this!

We have developed a special Dynema rope CAT 2 with our own diameter for this.

This is exactly one of the advantages of our plastic rope compared to a steel rope that it can be spliced on site. We work a lot in the rocky terrain ourselves in Austria.

No it has not. The winch actively releases the rope in both directions. This has the advantage that you really don't have to pull any weight of the rope up the hill. Another advantage is that you can dose the actual winch rope much better later.

A single-acting, with pressure-free return flow via our hydraulic block. The block also works with double acting hydraulic connections. All you have to do is connect correctly, "T" on return flow.