From tradition into the future

By tradition into the future

We are cutting and harvesting wood in the third generation! Like many others, we wanted to harvest the precious commodity - wood - but which tool to use? With which machine? Is the effort paying?

This is exactly where we started and pushed our limits! The complex development resulted in a tailor-made product that stands for easier forestry work, efficiency, know-how, success, sustainability and safety, but above all is built for the practice.

HAFO GmbH and its products were created directly from practice.


About HAFO

We are 4 brothers within a large family (5 boys and 1 girl) and as long as we can remember our father has taken us into the forest and taught us how to use the forestry machinery. We learned, that forestry work is associated with hard physical exertion. But over the years we were thinking that you don't have to come home exhausted in the evening to be proud of your performance. There had to be a way to work more efficiently. 

So we came up with the hydraulic winches. Where we used to need two or three of us, we now can handle the wood alone and even faster.

Problem tree felling 3

The people behind HAFO

Wolfgang Haselsteiner, HAFO Forsttechnik GmbH

Wolfgang Haselsteiner

  • Distribution
  • Customer support
Ulrich Haselsteiner, HAFO Forsttechnik GmbH

Ulrich Haselsteiner

  • Construction and assembly
  • Hydraulic service on site
  • Maintenance and repair
Richard Haselsteiner, HAFO Forsttechnik GmbH

Richard Haselsteiner

  • Managing directors
  • Practical test
Josef Haselsteiner, HAFO Forsttechnik GmbH

Josef Haselsteiner

  • Technical support
  • Construction and assembly
  • Customized special solutions