Tree adapter


Tree adapter


Pull up trees comfortably with the tree adapter.

To do this, the end of the 4 mm plastic rope is attached to the required chains and ropes, then a small aluminum pulley is attached and the auxiliary rope is pulled twice to the place of use. The pulley is attached using a sling and the chains are pulled up with the rope.
With this method of operation, efficient use is already possible when only one single trunk has to be pulled from the slope.
The auxiliary winch is supplied by the hydraulics of the carrier vehicle and integrated into the radio control of the forest cable winch, making it easy to operate. The pulling force of max. 500 kg is enough to reach distances of up to 150 m.

In this special case, the plastic rope is then pulled back down (up) with the wood and remains fixed in the pulley on the trunk; when the winch arrives, simply hang the 4 mm plastic rope and the hydraulic supply to the auxiliary winch, then pull the wood to the storage location!
Then drive back with the carrier vehicle, engage the auxiliary winch to the carrier vehicle again using the quick-release fastener and hang the 4 mm plastic rope back on the chains of your winch. Pull it again towards the pulley to the destination location. So you do not need to go up or down the slope again unnecessarily!
The most effective way to work like this is with two persons!