Accessories auxiliary winch

You need the following components for perfect operation:

1. auxiliary winch

Our auxiliary winch is available in a LEFT version and a RIGHT version. Please choose the one that better suits your needs.

2. console

Different types of consoles are available. Depending on how or on what the auxiliary winch is to be mounted. Thanks to the console, the SAPI winch can be attached quickly and easily.

3. Hydraulic block

The hydraulic block supplies the auxiliary winch with energy.

4. Rope

The plastic rope was specially developed for HAFO forest technology and guarantees maximum comfort in use. Other ropes should NOT be used. The rope can be repaired and spliced ​​by yourself.

5. Deflection set

The deflection set consists of a pulley, a belt sling and a carabiner.

6. Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulikschläcuhe für dfie HAFO Hilfswinde

The hydraulic hoses are required for correct operation.

7. Switch box

Optionally - required if all functions are occupied.

It is used for switching on the winch at the carrier vehicle. If e.g. Gas +/- is occupied, the auxiliary winch can be operated on its own frequency after switching.